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Be the master in the arena and pump up your pleasure with the powerful Bullfighter Pump! This 7.5-inch-long and 2-inch-wide penis pump is designed to help you reach your penis potential.

Thump uses superior suction to create an airtight seal around your cock that increases pressure and stimulates blood flow. This results in rock-hard erections and, over time, encourages growth in both length and girth. For the best results, be sure to make thispump a part of your regular routine.

A smoky, translucent cylinder allows you to watch the pump work its magic on your erection and keep track of your pumping progress. A precision measurement system on the cylinder allows you to track your gains over time.

The flexible, non-crimping hose facilitates comfortable pumping in your favorite positions. An EZ-squeeze bulb lets you pump up the pressure on your penis with just a squeeze. When you’re finished pumping, just use the EZ-release valve and the pressure on your rod will be removed immediately.

The cylinder’s removable jelly sleeve creates superior suction and ultra-comfortable pumping pleasure. The orange erection enhancer allows you to transition seamlessly from pump to play without losing that super-hard erection. You’ll love the additional firmness, stamina, and sensitivity as you stroke yourself or thrust into a partner.

Enjoy a better erection than ever with this powerful, pleasurable pump!

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